Infrared Toggle Switch schematic diagram


Use this Infrared toggle switch for wireless switching. You need to add IR receiver to electronic device for switching using this circuit.

Infrared Toggle Switch schematic diagram


R8________________ 680R
R7, R9____________ 4K7
R1, R2, R4, R6____ 27K
R3________________ 100K
R5________________ 1M
C1, C2, C5________ 470nF
C3, C4, C6________ 47u/16v ecap
IC________________ 4013
Q2, Q3____________ BC548
Q1________________ BC558
D1________________ 1N4148
D2________________ 1N4004
ZD1_______________ Zener diode 5V6
IR receiver module
Miniature relay AZ-SH-112L

All modern IR remote control devices produce a continuous coded stream of pulses at 37.9 kHz when any button on the module is pressed. These IR pulses are detected and decoded by a receiver (your TV, VCR etc.) and the appropriate function activated. In our Kit the coded stream is converted into a single pulse and that single pulse is used to toggle a relay on & off. The coded information is lost. Only the fact that a button was pressed on your remote control unit is detected.

More about this Infrared Toggle Switch, download the manual