KA2211, 5.8W Stereo Audio Amplifier

The following schematic is the diagram of 5.8 stereo power amplifier based on Samsung IC KA2211. The 5.8W is the power output on each channel, it means that the output will be 2 x 5.8W (maximum).

KA2211, 5.8W Stereo Audio Amplifier

About KA2211:
KA2211 is a dual audio power amplifier for consumer application. It is designed for high power, low dissipation dan low noise. Is also contains various of protectors and suitable for high performance car audio power amplifier.

Download the datasheet document of KA2211 HERE

TDA1521 / TDA1521Q: 12W Stereo Amplifier

This is a stereo audio amplifier circuit that provides 12W output power on each audio channel. This simple circuit is built on a single integrated circuit of TDA1521 / TDA1521Q, and only supported by few external components.

TDA1521 / TDA1521Q: 12W Stereo Amplifier

TDA1521/TDA1521Q is a dual high-fidelity audio amplifier encapsulated in a plastic 9-leads. The device is specially designed for power supply applications (eg, stereo TV and radio). A heatsink is needed to prevent overheating the IC.

TDA1521/TDA1521Q features:
  • Requires very few external components
  • Low offset voltage between output and ground
  • Input muted during power-on and off
  • (no switch-on or switch-off clicks)
  • Hi-fi according to IEC 268 and DIN 45500
  • Excellent gain balance between channels
  • Short-circuit-proof
  • Thermally protected
This hi-fi stereo power amplifier is designed for mains fed applications. The circuit is designed for both symmetrical and asymmetrical power supply systems. An output power of 2 x 12 watts (THD = 0,5%) can be delivered into an 8 W load with a symmetrical power supply of ± 16 V.

Download the TDA1521/TDA1521Q Datasheet Here

Basic Monostable Multivibrator based IC 555

The following diagram is the circuit diagram of the very basic monostable multivibrator which built based on timer IC 555.

Basic Monostable Multivibrator based IC  555 circuit

Parts list:
R1 = see notes
C1 = see notes
C2 = 10nF
IC1 = LM555

  • R1 and C1 determine length of output pulse where t=R1xC1 and R1 is in ohms and C1 is in farads.
  • Pin 4 is the RESET. Leave it connected to power supply (+V) during normal operation. Bring pin 4 AND pin 2 low at the same time to reset timing cycle.