12 LED VU Meter Circuit

12 LED VU Meter Circuit diagram

Here the 12 LED VU meter circuit. This is a simple visual indication of the audio level signals, adaptive to various user needs. Can be adapted to different input levels, adjustable by trimmer TR1 (state) - TR2 (Gain), then rectified by diodes D1-D2 (standard negative mark-recovery periods) and driven in the main circuit indication, consisting of the diodes D3 up to D13, transistors Q2-Q13 and materials that exist around them.

2-Way Active Crossover Circuit

2-Way Active Crossover Circuit diagram

This is the schematic diagram of 2-way active crossover circuit. The "active" word means that the circuit use active component and need power supply to work. Take a note that the input of this circuit is not connected to the output of power amplifier. This crossover circuit module must be placed before the amplifier circuit. The "Low Out" output connected to a power amplifier and the low speaker [Woofer], while the "High Out" output is drive the power amplifier of high speaker [Tweeter].

Home Telephone FM Transmitter Circuit

Home Telephone FM Transmitter circuit diagram

Here the schematic diagram of home telephone FM transmitter. This circuit connects in series with your home phone line and delivers the phone conversation through the FM band any time you pick up the telephone handset. Transmitted signal could be tuned by any FM receiver. The circuit features an "On Air" LED indicator and also gives you a switch that can be utilized to turn off the transmitter. A special characteristic of the circuit is the fact that no battery is required to operate the circuit because electrical power is taken from your phone line.