10 Band Graphic Equalizer


10 Band Graphic Equalizer circuit diagram
This is 10 band graphic equalizer for one channel (mono) audio system. You need build 2 similiar circuits for 2 channel (stereo) audio system.

This equalizer build based on TL074 low noise JFET op-amp which will give you high quality audio output.

Part List

R1....20= 10Kohms C4= 10nF polyester C18= 68pF polysterine
R21....40= 1Mohms C5= 47nF polyester C19= 360pF polysterine
R41= 10Kohms C6= 4.7nF polyester C20= 36pF polysterine
R42= 1Kohms C7= 22nF polyester C21= 4.7uF polyester
R43.....52= 2.2Kohms C8= 2.2nF polyester C22-23= 33pF polysterine
R53.....62= 47Kohms C9= 12nF polyester C24= 10uF 25V
R63-64-66-67= 47Kohms C10= 1.2nF polyester C25-26= 47uF 25V
R65= 10Kohms C11= 5.6nF polyester C27...32= 47nF polyester
R68-69= 47 ohms 1/2W C12= 560pF polysterine IC1...3= TL074
RV1....10= 100Kohms lin FADER C13= 2.7nF polyester S1= 2X4 SW for stereo
RV11= 10Kohms log. C14= 270pF polysterine
C1= 180nF polyester C15= 1.5nF polyester
C2= 18nF polyester C16= 150pF polysterine
C3= 100nF polyester C17= 680pF polysterine


This looks great:

where can I find the values for the components and the codes for the ICs?

how do i need to arrange it to couple the 2 circuits ? for having a stereo equaliser ?

I think you need to change your font color from white to black or something that will be seen clearly. The parts list is white like your back ground.

All you need to do Steph is highlight the font with your mouse and it will show up. :)