TDA1521 / TDA1521Q: 12W Stereo Amplifier


This is a stereo audio amplifier circuit that provides 12W output power on each audio channel. This simple circuit is built on a single integrated circuit of TDA1521 / TDA1521Q, and only supported by few external components.

TDA1521 / TDA1521Q: 12W Stereo Amplifier

TDA1521/TDA1521Q is a dual high-fidelity audio amplifier encapsulated in a plastic 9-leads. The device is specially designed for power supply applications (eg, stereo TV and radio). A heatsink is needed to prevent overheating the IC.

TDA1521/TDA1521Q features:
  • Requires very few external components
  • Low offset voltage between output and ground
  • Input muted during power-on and off
  • (no switch-on or switch-off clicks)
  • Hi-fi according to IEC 268 and DIN 45500
  • Excellent gain balance between channels
  • Short-circuit-proof
  • Thermally protected
This hi-fi stereo power amplifier is designed for mains fed applications. The circuit is designed for both symmetrical and asymmetrical power supply systems. An output power of 2 x 12 watts (THD = 0,5%) can be delivered into an 8 W load with a symmetrical power supply of ± 16 V.

Download the TDA1521/TDA1521Q Datasheet Here