High Frequency Waveform Generator schematic


This is a waveform generator based on IC with wide operating frequency, Maxim MAX038. This IC is able to generate frequency between 0.1Hz to 20MHz.

Here the schematic diagram:

High Frequency Waveform Generator circuit diagram

  • The circuit can be used to generate square wave, triangle, or sine wave by programming the pin inputs (A0:pin 3, A1:pin 4).
    • A0 A1 WAVEFORM
    • X 1 Sine wave
    • 0 0 Square wave
    • 1 0 Triangle wave
  • The frequency can be controlled using current. If we disconnect the 20k RIN from REF (pin 1) and connect it to a DAC, then we can control the frequency using microcontroller or digital interface. We can even control the chip using a quartz crystal (PLL) by controlling the current using a phase comparator output that compares the sync output (pin 14 of MAX038) and a reference clock from quartz crystal oscillator.

Just try to build this circuit... :)