Mice Repellent Circuit

Rats Repellent circuit diagram
This is the circuit diagram of mice repellent. Mice are animals that are very annoying, because sometimes he is damaging the object stored in the form of archives that are still valuable.

To drive out the mice, you can create an electronic circuit of mice repellent as shown above. With 50KHz frequency generated by the timer IC 555. The mice would run because his ears will feel sore due to the signal frequency.

The work of this circuit is very simple. The timer IC act as the frequency generator, while the frequency value is decided by C1 and C3. The output of 555 will be amplified by the SC1162 transistor and then fed to the speaker so the audio signal can be heard by the mice.

Parts List:

R1 = 1K8
R2 = 1K
R3 = 5K6
R4 = 480R
C1 = 2,2nF
C2 = 0,022uF/6V
IC = 555
Q = SC1162
SP = Speaker 4 ohm