Mic Preamplifier Circuit based TLC251


Here the schematic diagram of mic preamplifier which build based on operational amplifier TC251. The TLC251 is operating in low bias. The circuit works with only 1.5 V supply draws electric current of only 10 mA, so the battery operation will be prefered. Circuit frequency response is 3dB, 27 Hz to 4.8 kHz.

Mic Preamplifier Circuit based TLC251 circuit diagram

Frequency Response:

Frequency Response of Mic preamplifier circuit based TLC251

The TLC251 are low-cost, low-power programmable operational amplifiers designed to operate with single or dual power supplies. Because the input common-mode range extends to the negative rail and the power consumption is very low, this chip is ideally suited for battery-powered or energy-conserving applications. A bias-select pin can be used to program one of three ac performance and power-dissipation levels to suit the application. The series features operation down to a 1.4V supply and is stable at unity gain.

Download the TLC251 datasheet document from the following link:
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