25W Power Amplifier based IC LM1875


Short circuit protection, 94dB supply rejection ratio, thermal protection, S/N ratio in excess of 100dB, Open loop gain typically 90dB and 70mA quiescent current, LM1875 is great enough to give you good audio performmance. This power IC will amplify the audio signal up to 30W output power.

25W Power Amplifier based IC LM1875

Component part list

R1 _____________ 1K
R2 _____________ 1M
R3 _____________ 22K
R4 _____________ 10K
R5 _____________ 180K
R6 _____________ 1R

IC1 ____________ LM1875
C1 _____________ 1uF 50V
C2,6 ___________ 100nF
C3 _____________ 22uF 63V
C4 _____________ 0.22uF
C7,5 ___________ 220uF 50V

Fuse holder & cover
2 amp fuses

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