Basic Analog Flip Flop Schematics

This schematics is a basic analog flip flop. As we know, there are analog flip flop which built using analog components like ordinary transistor and digital flip flop build using digital logic IC (integrated circuit) like TTL IC.

Basic Analog Flip Flop Schematics diagram

and here the result:

Flip Flop Schematics

To control the speed of light's "on" and "off" in another word "control the flash rate", you can replace the Resistor 10K with variable resistor 20K or replace the electrolytic capacitor 100uF with other value.

Flip flop PCB layout:
Flip Flop Schematics


give more explanation and uses

that's not a flip-flop, it's an astable multivibrator!

how can i control the flash ???
,.fast and low!!

Can i put 200 led for this schematics??