80W Power Amplifier Circuit


80W Power Amplifier Circuit circuit diagram

80W power amplifier circuit diagram based MJL4281A / MJL4302A and MJE15034 / MJE15035 power transistor. Actually the output power range is about 60W to 80W. This is an incredibly excellent amplifier. It's easy to construct, applies generally offered parts and is stable and well-performing. The diagram featured is really a full update on the original project, and even though it has a lot of similarities, is definitely a different design.

This amplifier circuit, even though extremely simple, is capable of great performance. This is not an amp to be under estimated, as the sonics are pretty good indeed, and this really is due (in part, at least) to the inherent simplicity of the diagram design. The amplifier is exceptionally quiet, and is reasonably tolerant of hard loads. It's an perfect amplifier for biamped systems, and may possibly be operated in bridge mode (BTL) in case you apply the suggested output transistors (which have the required power ratings).

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