Portable Amplifier based on TEA2025


This is the diagram of simple portable amplifier circuit. This amplifier circuit build based on IC TEA2025 that is a monolithic integrated audio amplifier of 16-pin plastic dual in line package built by UTC manufacture. The circuit has an internal thermal protection. The circuit designed for portable cassette players and radios. You can also use as PC audio amplifier.

Here the amplifier diagram for stereo audio input/output:

Portable Amplifier based on TEA2025

and here the amplifier with mono audio input/output (bridge):

Portable Amplifier based TEA2025

Stereo per channel
VCC=9V; RL=4 ohm/3W
VCC=9V; RL=8 ohm/2W

Bridge Application
VCC=9V; RL=8 ohm/5W
VCC=9V; RL=4 ohm/8W

Supply Voltage min = DC3v @ 500mA
Supply Voltage max = DC12v @ 500mA
Supply Voltage recommended = DC9v @500mA

Download TEA2025 Datasheet
Download the schematic diagram in PDF format HERE

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I've tried this circuit, works problemless. I worked at the first time and the sound is kindly