AM Receiver circuit with MK484


This is a AM Receiver with single IC MK484. If your are interested to build this radio circuit, you may buy the kits include the component part list at

One Chip AM Radio Receiver circuit diagram

Part list:

R9, R10_________ 6R8
R6_____________ 100R
R3_____________ 1K
R1_____________ 4K7
R7_____________ 5K6
R4_____________ 10K
R2_____________ 100K
R5_____________ 150K
R8_____________ 820K
Pot_____________ 10K log pot
Coil & ferrite bar set
C7______________ 470p ceramic
C, C4, C5, C6_____ 470nF monoblock
C2______________ 100nF monoblock
C3, C8___________ 100uF electrolytic capacitor
VariCap__________ 60/160 AM tuning cap
D1, D2, D3, D4____ 1N4148 diode
Q1, Q3___________ BC548
Q2______________ BC558
IC1_____________ MK484 AM radio IC TO92
Speaker__________ 0.5 or 1W, 8 ohm speaker

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