Power Audio Amplifier based on STK400xx


This is Power Audio Amplifier circuit based on STK400xx series. It's will give you very good quality of sound this circuit is unexpensive too since STK40xx series have low price. It is easy we make a power amplifier using only few external components. The STKxxxx amplifiers, for them we will find in enough eponymous stereo amplifiers , but also in enough activety loudspeakers. They do not need a lot of special knowledge of manufacture, only that attention in pins, in order to they do not break, and one good power supply.

Schematic Diagram:

Power Audio Amplifier based on STK400xx  circuit diagram

Component Part list

R1-4 =1Kohm
R2= 33Kohm
R5= 0.22ohm 5W
R6=10ohm 2W
R7= 6,8ohm 2W
R11= 680ohm
C1=560 pF 100V ceramic or mylar
C2-7 =1 uF 63V MKT

C3-12 =220 uF 63V
C4-5-10 =100 pF
C6-9 =47uF 63V
C8 =100 nF 100V MKT
C11 =1 nF 100V MKT
C13 =100 uF 25V
C14=10pF 100V ceramic or mylar
L1 =3μH [15 turns of 1mm around R6]
100V ceramic or mylar
F1-2 =2A Fuse fast
STK40xx Series:

STK 4036 > Supply: ±35V - ±53,5V; Power (8R load): 50W
STK 4038 > Supply: ±40V - ±58V; Power (8R load): 60W
STK 4040 > Supply: ±43V - ±63V; Power (8R load): 70W
STK 4042 > Supply: ±46V - ±67V; Power (8R load): 80W
STK 4044 > Supply: ±51V - ±74V ; Power (8R load): 100V

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do you a schematic diagram that has 100 watt power amplifier