USB Battery Charger for Lithium Ion Battery

USB Battery Charger for Lithium Ion Battery circuit diagram

This schematic diagram is used for charging lithium ion battery. The power source is from a computer's USB port. With this circuit, you do not need to build power supply circuits for charging your battery.

A USB port is a great power source for charging a single cell li-on battery. It is capable of supplying maximum 5.25V and 500 mA. The circuit above is a USB powered single cell li-on battery charger. LM3622 is used as the controller. This special purpose IC has a precise end-of-charge control and low battery leakage current about 200nA.

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sama skema untuk mengukur kapasitas dari baterai.. biar bisa tau baterainya udah lemah ato belum.. kl bisa yg ada indikator digitalnya..
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